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One of the principle causes of relapse is thinking that you don’t need help, or that you can manage recovery on your own. We hear lots of people say:

I understand how to manage my recovery. I don’t need a counselor or a sponsor.”

Do not assume you're strong enough to recover from addiction on your own

Relapse begins the moment a person in recovery thinks they can outsmart their addiction. Remember, alcoholics and addicts are handicapped by an addicted brain which has developed the neurological wiring to respond to a disease that is very cleaver.

The people who do best in recovery are those who realize their weaknesses. They are willing to ask for help and accept it. They practice surrendering their will in order to rely on the strength offered to them through programs like AA, NA, or Celebrate Recovery – programs that recognize a need for a spiritual solution to addiction by having the humility to depend on a “power greater than ourselves.”


By Michael Campbell

There is no cure for addiction so the recovering addict or alcoholic must always be on guard against the possibility of relapse. It is very important to know the signs of relapse and take immediate steps to safeguard against temptation.

Avoid Triggers and Relapse

Some of the big triggers are stress, exhaustion, loneliness, boredom, resentment and relationship problems. Addicts need to be constantly aware of their triggers and address their underlying needs by practicing a healthy lifestyle with a focus on self-care, getting counseling, attending 12 Step Groups, etc.


By Michael Campbell